Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Go, dog!

Here's something to get you in the spirit for Christmas time, and maybe even wish you all wonderful holidays in advance. :)

This was painted for our promo Christmas cards over at Artil Studio - I hope everyone who received one liked his or her postcard!
I went for a children's book style with this one, trying to avoid lines and using a watercolor base with colored pencils for the shading. I had so much fun painting this! The initial sketch was quite a challenge though, and underwent quite a few changes in composition and style until both I and Marc were satisfied with it.
I'd say the result turned out very cute, in the end!

And here's what I drew for the back of the postcard:

Over at our Facebook page you can see what the final postcards looked like all niecely printed.

So anyway, enjoy! ^^