Monday, October 29, 2012

Grow, little tree

I know this would be more fitting for spring than for autumn, but I just received my very first fruit tree for my garden!
You might know I'm a big fan of gardening, or maybe you don't. But I am. I enjoy designing my garden (permaculture ftw!), I enjoy working in it, and so I'm very excited about this first tree. I'm also excited because it's a very special tree: a PawPaw tree (Asimina triloba), to be precise.

I have never tasted a pawpaw fruit yet, but it's described to have a very tropical flavor, a mix of banana and mango and maybe some hint of vanilla and/or pineapple. The tree is native to North America and very resistant to frost, so needless to say, I just had to have one of those.

And now it's hereee, and what's even better, instead of the 50 cm baby tree I ordered I got one that's almost a meter tall, which means I'll get to harvest fruit much earlier. Whee!

So, yeah. This image came to my mind, so I drew it. Tried something a little different in terms of color and style, too. Hope you like it!

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