Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Study: Speedpainting (1)

Yeah right, "speed" painting. This took probably about 3 hours. But I have very little practice in painting with Photoshop, so I guess that's an excuse. I hope I'll get faster over time.

But this was also a very challenging piece. Lots of different things and complex lighting (which is why I found the reference photo interesting in the first place) with reflected light and whatnot. I love how it turned out, considering I'm so unexperienced with this kind of painting.
The reference photo was my own, taken a couple of weeks ago in our living room. :)

This tutorial on DeviantArt was a big help, especially the tip about not zooming in onto the picture while you paint. Okay, I did zoom in at the end of the process for a couple of things, but all in all I painted on a very small thumbnail.
Oh, and I finally discovered a PS brush I really like. It looks kinda like pastel chalk, or something like that. Really sweet.

PD: Yup, I know I didn't upload my "weekly study" last week. I did make some sketches, which I'll upload next time, but I've been too lazy to scan them. :P

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    Por un momento creí que era una foto *o*.