Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"I Date Dead People" Cover

I hope y'all started out the New Year really, really good!

It will definetely be an exciting year for me, as me and my husband will be moving to Germany next month, into our newly-bought house! Interesting times ahead. =D

So, anyway... here's the final cover for my latest comic, "My Boyfriend is a Monster: I Date Dead People", as well as the inks I provided for the colorist. 
As it has already been shown on webs like Amazon, I think it should be safe to show it here now.

The colors were done by Eldon Cowgur, just like for "I Love Him to Pieces". 

And just for fun, these are some of the sketches I sent for the cover layout. The one that was finally chosen is number 5 here, although I preferred to give Nora a little smile in the end.

In case you're wondering - no, they were not supposed to be naked in the first layouts. I just normally don't draw clothes for quick sketches like these. ;)

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