Friday, January 27, 2012


I've been doing some studies these days in order to improve my skills.

I don't usually draw backgrounds just for fun (I do when I draw comics because I have to ^^" ), and I'm also not very good at digital color (I normally just do rather simple coloring with PS), so this was an exercise for both.
Here's the original stock photo I tried to copy:

It took wayyy to long to be a study, but I'll gain speed with practice.
Oh, and I'd be grateful for any useful tips about improving PS coloring, I have little to no clue about technique!

There were these nice sunset colors out of the window, so I quickly pulled out my colored pencils and tried to get it down. It didn't turn out too great, but it might give you an idea.
Then I drew my cup of tea while I waited for it to cool down.

And this is my workplace. Yes, it's a mess right now. T'was fun to draw, but now my eyes are so strained I can't focus them properly. I guess I over-did it. XD

Mainly I'm trying to do some stuff without the pencil sketch underneath, to force myself to see properly what I want to draw, since I won't be able to erase it. My eyes are not too happy, but I suppose they'll get used to it.

And that's it for now! I want to try and make at least one study per week, even when I work. Let's see if I can keep up with it.

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