Monday, January 23, 2012

Tasmanian Devil studies

Okay, I don't usually upload rough sketches like these, but some friends on Facebook wanted to see them, so here they are.
The thing is, in my own comic project I want there to be a tasmanian devil character, so I need to practice to draw those little buggers.

The first one (top left) is basically copied from a photo, then there are those really quick sketches to get down the way the devils move, drawn while watching some Youtube videos. They're really meant to be very rough, it's just all about the movement.

Then I tried to break down their face into something easier to draw without reference (top right), a failed attempt to draw one without reference that looks more like a racoon (the one just below the copied one)... And then i started getting the hang of 'em a little more. The angry one at the bottom turned out quite nice, and both on the other paper are pretty good, too.
Understanding the tasmanian devil's skull (its jaws, precisely) was key here.

Since my tazzies always seem to look A LOT like Stitch (I swear it's not on purpose, they just turn out like that!), I tried the last one with visible pupils instead of all black eyes, but it doesn't really look right. It makes it look like a dog. Which it's not.

Anyway. Lots of text probably nobody will read. But if there's anyone interested in this kind of stuff and actually read it - thank you! ^^"

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