Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shop Office (ToonPool) - yet another shop!

Yup, I've set up yet another online store!

ToonPool offers these online shops for free, and I'll have to see how it goes.
The artist receives 70 % of the netto income (so you have to subduct the production cost of an item and purchase tax first) of the sales, which is a lot more than most places have to offer. In any case, if you have another recommendation, by any means, let me know. ;)

Anyway. While my BigCartel shop offers much more personal items (original paintings, signed books or prints - which I hopefully can add soon), my ShopOffice store will have licence-free and/or licensed artwork for download for personal and professional use, and also offers printed goods like posters or t-shirts.

I'll be sure to add more stuff soon, but you can already go and check it out! :)

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