Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Year of the Dragon" - FOR SALE

Yay, first painting in our new home! Okay, so I actually started this before we moved, but I finally got around to finish it.

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar!

In the end the illustration a bit late since the "Year of the Dragon" celebrations are already over, as far as I know. But I hope you still enjoy it. Everyone loves dragons, right?

The original painting is FOR SALE in my new web shop - go check it out!

Oh, yeah. Here's a step by step of the piece before starting with the watercolors. :)


  1. Regarding your "step by step" process how did you get your final linework onto the watercolor paper (light-table?,trace and transfer?) and did you draw your final lines with a normal graphite pencil?

  2. Mike: I always have to trace the pencils onto the watercolor paper. I use my drawing table as a light table, putting my desktop lamp behind it (my drawing table's top is made of translucent plastic, you can see it here:
    And yes, that is a normal graphite pencil. I trace the image roughly using an H pencil, then re-define the lines with an HB. :)

  3. That's a pretty nifty light table (would be nice to have that. haha)! Thanks for your reply. Your images seem very line-intensive and I was curious how you went about getting them on the watercolor paper. I've been using a normal graphite pencil myself, but noticed that your linework was still pretty clean after adding watercolor. Thanks